Letter from Robyn Andrews, Executive Director of Florida Coalition for the Homeless

Dear Members, Partners, and Friends,

The last two years serving as Executive Director for the Florida Coalition for the Homeless have been a time of great accomplishment, growth and satisfaction. I have treasured this time working with all of you.

Today, however, I am writing to let you know that I have accepted a position with a national non-profit organization.

While this is a fantastic opportunity for me, which promises to be challenging and impactful, it is difficult to say goodbye to you and the wonderful work we do together. What we have accomplished together over the years in Florida has been phenomenal; fundamentally improving both the knowledge and effectiveness of our Continuum’s of Care, as well as increasing the level of advocacy and awareness throughout the State as it relates to serving the most vulnerable among us.

As is often the case, it is all of you who have made these experiences exceptional. Together we have spread awareness, increased advocacy, and put ego aside in order to focus on the critical work at hand. Not only has the time and effort been gratifying, it has resulted in an increased understanding and implementation of the best practices instrumental to our efforts to improve our communities and the lives of those in need. Now, it is my goal to continue to build on these rich experiences while serving the Southeast region.

Moving forward, I am committed to supporting a smooth transition and I will be available to the board as needed. Our Coalition board is fantastic; they are a cohesive team dedicated to the mission of ending homelessness in Florida, and I wish them continued success.

Although I am leaving this position with the Coalition, I will continue to be a part of the efforts to improve systems and services throughout the State. In closing, this is not “goodbye”, but merely “see you soon”, albeit in a different capacity.

Thank you for the opportunity and the pleasure of working with all of you.



L. Robyn Andrews

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