Our Mission

The mission of the Florida Coalition to End Homelessness is to work collaboratively to prevent and end homelessness in Florida through advocacy and education.

The Issue


Florida has the 3rd largest homeless population in the U.S. and is currently facing a severe affordable housing crisis. As rents continue to rise, individuals that have become homeless cannot quickly find housing they can afford. Families and individuals can experience homelessness for many reasons, but moving them back into housing is the first step in solving any problem that caused their homelessness.  Affordable housing and supportive services are needed to address the issue of homelessness.

About Us

Since 1994, Florida Coalition to End Homelessness (FCEH) has distinguished itself as the state’s leading voice on homeless policy. Today, FCEH continues to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to addressing homelessness in Florida by working with state and federal stakeholders to develop solution-driven practices.  We believe that if everyone works together, we can solve homelessness in Florida.


FCEH assists its members with best practices and technical assistance training to help them implement solutions to homelessness locally. In turn, members help their communities create lasting solutions for homeless and at-risk families, children, youth, and individuals throughout Florida. We are always looking for solution-based dedicated individuals who are interested in ending homelessness in Florida to join.  It will take us all to work together to end homelessness.  Join our team today!