Facing Eviction?

The CDC director has signed a declaration for a temporary halt on evictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  The CDC has provided a full FAQ to answer questions about the declaration.  We strongly encourage you to read the FAQ.

FCEH has also provided a simple Q&A about the eviction moratorium, with local resources:

Q:  What is a moratorium?
A:  A moratorium delays the final action of an eviction, it does not cancel your responsibility to pay rent.  You must pay your rent as you can.

Q: Am I protected against eviction?
A:  The CDC eviction moratorium suspends evictions for failure to pay rent if you file a declaration form with your landlord.  This means that you must file the declaration to prevent eviction, pay what you can, and continue to seek financial assistance to help pay your past due rent.  Discuss your situation with your landlord because having open communication is important to your ongoing relationship.

Q:  Are there resources to help me pay my rent?
A:  Florida has provided Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF) to local county governments for rent and/or mortgage relief.  Please contact your local County office first.



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